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"Mini Learning Journeys"

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Collective Narrative

[Produced by Fyodor Ovchinnikov of the Institute for Evolutionary Leadership, using the words of participants to tell a story of meaning to the wider world.]

Mini Learning Journeys

Here are the people who have reported on journeys taken as of September 10, 2019:

Scroll down to see the collective narrative, output from the journeys, and the journey process description and invitation.

Mini Learning Journey -- Ben Ruttenberg

a gram of embodiment

is worth a ton of speech

rhapsody, intonation, reveal the truth

if you can listen

radical integrity

no apologies

are far worthier than 'fake it till you make it'

cost benefit

and pragmatism.

joy is the key.

Mini Learning Journey Invitation

Use the Deep Dive Harvest as inspiration for a spoken or written reflection, poem, drawing, music, or other creative expression of meaning.  You might think of "meaning" in the sense of something with a personal implication, e.g. around your freedom, choices you might make, etc.  You might even treat the journey through these materials as a kind of oracle, similar to the I Ching or Tarot, where you begin by asking a question and then consider the information you receive as guidance.  Or you can simply work with the question: "what insights, wisdom, questions, or challenges did you discover on your Journey?"

Note that this learning journey invitation is open to anyone, regardless of whether or not you participated in the Deep Dive.

Try taking anywhere from thirty minutes to three hours for this simple process:

  • If you did not participate in the Consciousness Deep Dive, or if you would like to refresh your understanding of the purpose of that dialogue before you begin your Journey, read through the invitation page.  

  1. Sit in silence for a moment to set an intention for your Journey and to invite in synchronicity as your partner.

  2. Wander randomly or with loosely held purpose through the videos, written reflections ("jewels"), resources, and music that was compiled during the Deep Dive.

    For example, if you are doing a short journey, try listening to a random minute from three videos, reading three "jewels," checking out one resource, and listening to one song (and maybe also looking up the lyrics).

    Take note of anything that strikes you, including feelings, insights, themes, patterns, surprises, etc.


  3. Take another moment to sit quietly and allow deeper meaning and/or creative inspiration to emerge, and to decide on the form that you will use to express yourself.  This could be a short video recording, a piece of poetry or prose, artwork, or anything else that calls to you.

  4. Get playful and creative! 

  5. Email the results to Now What?! host Ben Roberts and he will share your creative expression via the Now What?! website and perhaps as part of a Now What?! Prezi.


Note that mini-learning journey participants who complete these steps during July 2019 are invited to make a financial request as part of the Now What?! Pop-up Gift Economy.

Brianna Ruland's Journey
Mini Journey Bri.jpg

Mini Learning Journey -- Tatiana Vekovishcheva

An African weaver is a social bird

Weaving its nest with leaves and grass

As if climate change doesn’t exist

As if there’s no climate grief


I want to be a weaver 

But I feel the albatross around my neck

With plastic in its stomach

The grief turning as a 

Prayer wheel on a Tibetan temple


Speaking truth to power

Is not an easy task

how do we amplify the message we are caring?


I need a new story. 

A story of a weaver and albatross 

And their happily ever after 

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